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10 October 2019, 11:45 am

Apple Has No Backbone

Apple Has No Backbone

Apple, a company that loves to talk about its values, has this week demonstrated that when it comes to China -- one of its biggest markets and where most of its iPhones and other products are assembled taking full benefit of low-cost labors -- even the Steve Jobs-founded company lacks a backbone. The company has bowed down to Chinese pressure and pulled an app from the Chinese App Store that helped pro-democracy protesters track cops to ensure their safety. Apple, a company with nearing $1 trillion in market cap, said the app "violates our guidelines and local laws." The company has also pulled news app Quartz, which has been extensively covering the protests in Hong Kong, from the app store. The explanation from Apple, the company which has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to plaster every mall on the face of this earth in recent weeks to tell us that its new iPhone models have an ultra-wide lens? Crickets. On the Chinese App Store, Apple also does not offer The New York Times app because it "violates its policies." That's right. The New York Times, the biggest publication on the planet that wins tons of awards for its reportage each year and is celebrated across the globe and is a partner of Apple for Apple News subscription service, violates Apple's policies in China. A few other times when x-ray report showed Apple did not have a backbone.

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